Reflections on a Year

Exactly a year ago we decided to text a sketch of our kids to each other every day. After half a year, we decided to share with each other and you via this website. After three months, we came together and set up a pop-up show of our sketches with photocopies, tape, and a bar of chocolate. The show felt satisfying. We saw growth in our ability to draw our kids and to find what’s shared and unique about other kids, and we saw potential in how our drawings combined with each other abstractly as patterns. We created a quick combined collaborative drawing via a light-box, and then went our separate ways. We have been continuing to send each other sketches, more sporadically, and have turned the time it took to make this blog toward other projects. We miss this one, though, for it’s simple sense of purpose, and for how it forced us to draw and to be in touch daily. Gradually we are learning that it’s still important to sketch, and that it’s important to celebrate and share the many ways we sketch–all of our kitchen-table snapshots, photos, and doodles, as well as our studio paintings, pastels, and prints. All are worthy of being seen at any stage, not just because we did them while raising children, or because they capture fleeting moments of childhood and parenthood, but because, when looked at together across time and space, they amount to bodies of work beyond what we can understand as individuals in those moments. Thank you for following us! Please continue to follow us on our individual websites and Instagram feeds. Thank you.


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