About Baby Steps

We are two artists/moms supporting each other from afar (Rachel lives in Minnesota and Aremy in Oregon) with a daily digital check-in. Since July 2016 we have been sending each other a daily sketch, via text, of our children. We began with the premise that a little bit of practice, no matter how imperfect or brief, was better than none. We promised ourselves to keep audience out of it–to make this work for our self-esteem as artists and our children’s future entertainment. As time went by, something happened, though, our sketches got better without taking longer, our knowledge of our kids and ourselves grew, and we got bolder. So here we are–sharing our work with you, hoping to inspire you to take baby steps towards balancing creativity and parenting, or whatever work you want to do that takes daily practice.

Rachel Melis and Aremy Stewart (photo by Aremy Stewart and Rob Galler)